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Theory of Reciprocity
Matrix of Being

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Research articles

Deriving a Quantum Theory of Consciousness
Rolf Jackson, Nov 2012

On the Nature of Mind Created Reality and the Significance of Personal and Cultural Narratives
Rolf Jackson, May 2009

  • Modeling the Universe as Content in MIND
    Rolf Jackson, September 2006

  • The Causal Nature of Free Will and its Implications for the Origin of Consciosness and the Laws of Nature
    Rolf Jackson, September 2006

    A Model for Unifying Quantum Mechanics and the Theory of Relativity Based on the Principle of Reciprocity (PDF 490kb)

    Rolf Jackson, September 2004

    Holocracy - The true Democracy (PDF 450kb)

    Rolf Jackson, October 2004

    The conscious universe (PDF 350kb)

    Rolf Jackson, February 2002

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    Interesting articles by selected authors

    Sustaining cultural vitality in a globalizing world - the balinese example. (PDF 300kb)

    Lifework of David Bohm - River of Truth (PDF 113kb)

    Will Keepin, Ph.D., 1993

    Background material on Occult Chemistry

    Here are some of the original material relating to clairvoyant investigations of the subatomic realm.