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Gaia Consciousness Institute is part of the Oberion project

Gaia Consciousness Institute

The Gaia Consciousness Institute is part of the Oberion project, which is an effort to create a world that works for everyone by working both esoterically and practically to affect change.

The latest development is the publication of two models of consciousness, namely:

Both are works in progress, yet sufficiently advanced that the outline of a new foundation is discernible.

The institute welcomes dialogue and constructive criticism which can be shared at our Facebook Page.

About the institute

Gaia Consciousness Institute is a center for applied consciousness research aimed at creating a new understanding of reality, spirituality and politics.

The institute is a research center focusing on the following areas:

  • The Nature of Reality
  • The emerging synthesis of mind and matter
  • The impact on culture and society by narratives and mythology

Reality Research

The narratives we live seem to impact what we are able to think, to a much higher degree than hitherto anticipated. This highlights the need to challenge the dominant scientific narrative, since it in itself may constitute a barrier to discovering the secrets of the universe. In the pursuit of a synthesis between the scientific and spiritual worldviews an important breakthrough has been made. A model has been created which can explain the phenomenal world as well as the existence of consciousness.