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Gaia Consciousness Institute (GCI) was founded by Rolf Jackson in 1997. According to the inspiration received at the time, the purpose of the institute is to:
  • Awaken grace through the awareness of Gaia.
  • To create and institutionalize a new understanding of the human being.
Since its inception GCI has primarily functioned as a vehicle for Rolf's research into the nature of reality. The larger vision for the institute is to foster an environment of interdisciplinary research into the nature of reality that may birth a greater understanding of the human being, and its place in cosmos.

Rolf Jackson graduated from the Danish Technical University (DTU) in 1994 with an M.Sc.E. in physics and operational research.

Since 1995 he has researched topics such as the nature of reality, spiritual leadership and holistic politics. The existential challenge of the work led him to establish the community "Bjergager Solby" in Odense Denmark in 2005.

The rationale for the somewhat unorthodox approach to research followed by Rolf, is that the nature of the mind is so, that to fully understand something one must live it. The many aspects of his research therefore constitute an undivided whole, and can only be understood as such.

The preliminary results seem to justify the approach employed. Due to the existential research methodology employed, archetypal levels of the mind and cosmic streams of consciousness, hitherto unrealized by mankind, has begun to reveal themselves. It is however too early to judge the results. The research results are being prepared for publishing.