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Occult Chemistry

Occult chemistry, is the exploration of the subatomic world through clairvoyant means.

The material below is very old and have been published here because it is interesting in order to understand the background of occult chemistry and because there is very little available on the internet about this topic. When reading the material it must be kept in mind that most it was written in the period 1895-1933 and thus contains much that with modern scientific eyes are questionable.

There are those that believe that occult chemistry was a deliberate hoax perpetrated by Leadbeater and Besant. This perspective is described in the critical assesment below. This article was interestingly enough the only recent article on the topic that I have been able to find on the net.

Given the general record of the investigators (Leadbeater and Besant) and the nature of their observations, it seem to me highly unlikely that it is a deliberate hoax. And if this is not the case, then they obviously believed in their ability to explore the atomic world by clairvoyant means.

The clairvoyant observations do not correspond to the picture orthodox science has of the subatomic realm as explained in the article "The conscious universe". But if it not a hoax, what is it that is clairvoyantly observed? The clairvoyant observationsthemselves (particularly Hodsons from 1959), contains transcripts of the observations allowing the reader a feel for the process itself. Hopefully we will one day be able to find out exactly what it is that is being observed.

Background material on Occult Chemistry

Occult Chemistry (1957) (PDF 14Mb)

C.W. Leadbeater & Annie Besant

The first Seven Articles on Occult Chemistry 1895-1899 (PDF 90kb)

Clairvoyant Investigations (PDF 365kb)

Geoffrey Hodson and David Lyness, 1957-1959

These are the most recent observations available and a highly interesting because they support David Bohms interpretation of quantum mechanics in regards to the idea that there is a holographic principle underlying the physical universe.

A critics assesment of occult chemistry

Serious Scientific Lessons from Direct Observation of Atoms through Clairvoyance (Link)
J. Michael McBride